Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Number Trick

This appeared on the back of a business card someone once handed to me, and thanks to the Internet I have discovered the meaning of these cryptic number blocks. Print out the image, and mystify your friends by following these instructions:

(1) Ask your friend to silently pick any number from 1 to 60
(2) Show the card, and ask your friend to identify which blocks of numbers the chosen number appears in
(3) Add up the numbers in the upper right hand corners of the chosen blocks. This sum will equal the chosen number.

For example: If the chosen number is 10, your friend will identify blocks I and III. In the upper right corner of I is 8, and in the upper right corner of III is 2. 8+2=10.

L.B.J. vs. Haggar Slacks

Listen to this recorded phone call of L.B.J ordering several pairs of slacks:

LBJ orders slacks

Thursday, February 19, 2009